Geek Mountain State and Pierson Library

sci-fi-fantasy-book-club-californiaA sci-fi/fantasy book club at the library? Pierson and Geek Mountain State collaborate. There’s a registration form online at Geek Mountain State, where readers indicate interest in science fiction, fantasy and horror. Meetings are the first Thursday of the month at the Pierson Library. Publicity is on websites and Facebook for Geek Mountain State and Pierson Library. Books are available at local libraries and the Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne. Love the pizza featured at club meetings too!

Board development?

cover, Great Boards for Small OrganizationsThe Wilder Memorial Library board in Weston decided to focus of the first half of the year on restructuring the board. Step two: embark on strategic planning.

Library director Kerri MacLaury bought four copies of Andy Robinson’s book “Great Boards for Small Groups. ” The board plans to read a couple chapters at a time and decide which of his recommendations to put in place.

Keep us posted, Weston!

Minecraft IRL (in real life)

Minecraft IRLSam Maskell offers a Minecraft Middle School event with printables for swords and hilts, scavenger hunt sheets, and design sheets, here Minecraft IRL

Attendees made swords of poster board (floppy enough to discourage sword fights) and then competed in the scavenger hunt. Sample questions:
Find three books turned into movies
What are the names of all the Weasley children?
What book won last year’s DCF award?

After the hunt, kids worked with beads and perler pegboards on Minecraft projects like the stone pickaxe. Afterschool fun at of the Rockingham Free Public Library!

Mug Shots and Wooden Nickels

1935_Indian_Head_Buffalo_NickelNorwich Library is using a prison theme to draw attention to the ideas behind Banned Books Week September 21 – 27, 2014. Proud library users can have a mug shot taken that includes their favorite banned book.
Norwich is also putting up two jars for voting with wooden nickels. Library staff are asking patrons if they’d go to jail rather than see books pulled off the shelves.

“We’ll display a list of 20 most banned books and 2 clear jars. One jar is marked “I’d go to jail to protect these books”, the other “I’d rather not!”. People will be able to put a wooden nickel in whatever jar they want. Should be interesting!”

Sounds like fun– and two tactile ways to engage users.

Makerspaces and Libraries are libraries joining the hands-on makerspace movement? Marie from the Warren Public Library called in to the Vermont Edition “Making It” show August 7, 2014, at Vermont Public Radio. Warren circulates a knitting kit, complete with a ball of wool yarn, 2 balls of synthetic yarn and a bag of practice yarn. Tools included: Instruction book,1 pair size 8 knitting needles, 1 crochet hook, 1 yarn needle.

Warren plans to add electronic kits to the collection this fall.

VOKAL entry, Warren Public Library, for a knitting kit

VOKAL entry, Warren Public Library, for a knitting kit

Extra mileage from the newsletter

Ilsley uses large screen to promote programs

Ilsley uses large screen to promote programs

The Ilsley Public Library features two inhouse displays of the library newsletter. The more traditional is a large plexiglass holder with the enlarged newsletter displayed.

The local public access TV station also programs highlights from the newsletter onto a big screen. Standing in the library, people see coming programs, photos and services proceeding across the screen. In the shot above, parents are advised to borrow “Get Well Bags” to take home, instead of bringing sick children into the library.

Ilsley posts the newsletter inside the library.

Ilsley posts the newsletter inside the library.

Library closed? Recommend area choices.

Children choosing books in RochesterRochester Public Library anticipates stretches of time this summer when the building will be closed. The children’s room is under construction. People need books — so the librarian put together a Rochester PL brochure to hand out ahead of time. What a good idea!