3D printing: where to start?

Orwell soundwaveprintsThe Orwell Free Library hosted a program on 3D printing, thanks to a generous local presenter, Rod Batschelet.  He is a local computer geek who owns a 3D printer and loves to get people exposed to new technology.  Rod walked in one day and asked if he could work with the library to provide the event for the community.  Director Kate Hunter said, YES!
Rod teaches 3D print classes at Castleton State College and also works at the Benson School.  Orwell is lucky to have him in town– and doubly lucky to have a library willing to try new tech!

Rod shared his explanations with the Orwell Free Library– so here we have the actual process, from downloading software to capture voices to creating the jewelry from the 3D printer products.

In-Depth explanation of the 3D printing process that includes a section on finishing 3D prints

3D printed jewelry how-to doc (embedded in the last slideshow)


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