Send contributions for Good Ideas to Contributions that can’t be sent by e-mail go to:

Good Ideas/ ATTN: Aidan Sammis

Vermont Department of Libraries

109 State Street

Montpelier, VT 05609-0601

What to send? Ideas that have worked for you, either borrowed or invented. Examples from past issues of Good Ideas include volunteer manuals, children’s or adult programs, fundraising ideas, brochures, creative promotional pieces, annual appeals, newsletters and ways to thank volunteers.



  1. Amy,
    I think this is a terrific idea- a really good idea. The former paper version of Good Ideas was good, but doing it electronically makes a lot of sense. Saves paper, and it will be searchable by tags…..nice going.

  2. This is not something that I have tried but there is a competition every year for this – Trick out your truck! Your library truck that is. I think this would be a great way to engage some teen boys and cool gurls at a library. Take an ailing library cart and trick it out with lights, decorations, fur, fangs, skulls, flowers, clouds fairies, whatever!

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