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Vote YES in support of the Library

Manchester Library video

Manchester Community Library is using Vimeo to encourage voters to Vote Yes on town meeting day, to support the public library. Take a look at their Channel to see what they’ve created.

The videos are displayed on the MCL website, in newsletters, and of course at the MCL channel on Vimeo. The campaign includes stickers and a strong message, Vote Yes on March 1. Not voting is the same as voting no, a citizen tells us– and that means cuts in hours and services.

The messaging in “I’m cheap” is particularly appealing– a senior citizen who lives on a fixed income supports the library because he likes to save money. While walking and driving around Manchester, our hero talks about the library and how he saves by attending lectures, borrowing magazines and books, and taking his grandchildren in. He  calculates what the Library cost him in taxes– $47, or less than a dollar a week.

The scripts for these videos are carefully written to appeal to many audiences, parents, seniors, small business owners. The images are appealing– happy faces, the clean new library, the cafe where people have their heads together. Each video is well-edited and short, with “I’m Cheap” under two minutes.

Why Vote Yes is a page on the MCL website that gives the numbers– what the Library costs and how it’s been used this year. The total amount from town taxes is increasing; the share of the total library budget is dropping because of other sources of support. The usage statistics are easy to understand: people using computers. Nice job!

–More than 1,300 brand new members joined the new library.
–Over 50 community groups held meetings at MCL.
–Over 800 preschoolers and their parent/caregivers attended story times.
–People logged on to the public computers nearly 6,000 times in the first year of operation.
–More than 300 members took advantage of free 1-on-1 tech tutorials, eager to take advantage of enhanced their understanding of technology.


Post-it Note Art Show

Manchester Art Show Manchester Community Library is hosting a participatory event for any and all artists. Prizes include Best Animal, Best Portrait, and Best Representation of a Book. Awesome idea!

Stop by The Loft anytime during the month of March and create your own artwork for the Post-it Note Art Show. All supplies will be provided and your art will be on display all month long. Enter your Post-it art and win awesome gift cards! Judges will choose the top in each category on April 1st, 2015 – Multiple entries allowed.

YouTube for a Website Overview

With so many services online, Laura Henderson of the Mark Skinner Library chose YouTube to publicize them. This seven minute video introduces website, catalog, quick links, the Vermont Online Library, ListenUp and Universal Class. Another approach might be mini-videos– segment each service into a one short clip.

Nice work, Laura, and nice website, MSL!

Mouseclicks 101

The Mark Skinner Library has started one to one basic computer literacy training, supported by library staff. Nice article from the Manchester Journal online.

MANCHESTER – For years, there had always been
someone else around to do the lifting when it came
to using a computer. But when the health and rehabilitation center she works for as a part-time nurse announced they would be moving to a more computer- based system for dispensing medication and other tasks that used to be handled by pen and paper, Helen Judd knew it was time to bite the bullet.

The Manchester resident signed up for a new one-on-
one computer literacy class being offered at the
Mark Skinner library. The main thing was getting
over some fears about the computer itself and
practice a few basic skills, she said. “I didn’t know anything about it and wasn’t interested,” she said. “Everyone around me did what I needed to get done.”

Outside of work, she wanted to learn how to send email
as well as surf the Web for information about
medicine and health care…

Mark Skinner Library Brochure

Here is an example of a library brochure from the Mark Skinner Library in Manchester.

Bookends Gala

The Mark Skinner Library in Manchester hosted a Bookends raffle and gala to raise money for their adult collection.