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Online High School Yearbooks

Bellows Falls High School Yearbooks





Many public libraries host physical collections of local high school yearbooks– what if they also linked virtually to the high school yearbooks? Cutler Memorial Library and Rockingham Free Public do, and here’s how it happens.

The Oklahoma Correctional Industries hosts The OCI Yearbook Program, free scanning of high school yearbooks. Use the contact email and phone number, ocirc at doc.ok.gov for OCI Records Conversion, (405) 527-0830. Libraries provide the yearbooks, inmates scan the pages, OCI returns a DVD to the library which chooses a site for the images. Brian Herzog’s Swiss Army Librarian offers some project background for librarians who want to know more. And yes, OCI provides packing details and pays the postage.

Google’s Open Gallery is the  Cutler Memorial Library online digital archive for historic materials of Plainfield, including the neatly typed and drawn 1934 Yearbook. The Rockingham Free Library online yearbooks link takes the reader to a Flickr account, 10 yearbooks per page.

OCI recommends loaning out the DVD for nursing home visits, individual use and high school reunions. What about copyright permission? Good question. Email amy.howlett at vermont.gov if you figure it out.


Job Search 101 Workshops

Now hiring great people signThe Rockingham Free Public Library in Bellows Falls offered a series of workshops called “Job Search 101” for young adults ages 15 to 21.  The workshop series was free; participants met each week.

This series gave participants basic information, skills and techniques to begin career planning.

The curriculum and format were designed by the group itself in order to meet their specific employment needs and interests. All aspects of finding a job were covered: resume writing, job search techniques, interviews and building positive, useful, and practical skills in order to obtain and maintain a job.