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Vote Yes, part 2

Mount Holly Town Library VT

Vermont libraries are embracing the video! The Mount Holly Town Library urges townspeople to Vote YES on Article 7 in a YouTube video created by two high school students at the local public access TV station. Like the Manchester videos, Mount Holly has users like parents, a painting group, and an audio book listener speaking on behalf of library services. Great year for pre-town meeting publicity in Vermont!


YouTube for a Website Overview

With so many services online, Laura Henderson of the Mark Skinner Library chose YouTube to publicize them. This seven minute video introduces website, catalog, quick links, the Vermont Online Library, ListenUp and Universal Class. Another approach might be mini-videos– segment each service into a one short clip.

Nice work, Laura, and nice website, MSL!

Promotional Video/Contest

More promotional video from a Vermont library: Springfield is offering a contest. The public is invited to identify the characters in the story.

Add Video to Your Website

YouTube and other video channels offer immediate gratification. Vermont librarians experimented with Windows Movie Maker, iMovie and Audacity to create these library promotional features September 2, 2009. The software is free, so the major library expense is time. “RFPL, What Can We Do for You?” was created by Sam Maskell and teens at the Rockingham Free Public Library.

Created by Barb Shenton at the Rochester Public Library.

Created by Sam Maskell at the Rockingham Free Public Library.