Blind Date Valentine’s Day



Bennington Free Library found a hot idea on Pinterest, currently amusing borrowers and staff alike. Offer pre-wrapped books for adults and children (different displays) to take home and “date.” Not sure how the front desk will shoot the barcode– but what a fun idea for Valentine’s Day!

Book display at Bennington Free Library

Book display at Bennington Free Library

Text on the sign reads “Celebrate your love of reading by choosing any book from this display. (No peeking.) We’ll check it out to you still wrapped, so you won’t know what you have until you get home!”

The adult titles have handwritten notes on the paper: “TAKE ME HOME! I’m a short story collection by a famous English author.”

2 responses to “Blind Date Valentine’s Day

  1. In order to make checkout easy we made copies of the barcode. Then we cut the barcode out and glued it on the outside of the package. Our scanner actually worked using the copied barcode. Chris

  2. A friend sent this idea to me – loved it! I think we’ll do it soon for a spring “Twitterpated” (remember that word from Bambi?) with books theme. How did you choose your books?
    ~ from the Varnum Memorial Library

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