Easy Dad Program

It’s great when you find an easy program aimed at dads and their kids. Brooks Memorial Library is having success with the Dads Day Derby. They collect the cardboard tubes and duct tape ahead of time and purchase small plastic cars. This program really does run itself– though the staff build a prototype ahead.

When families turn up, each gets a supply of tubes and tape. All activity is self-directed, making the racetrack and then shooting the toy car down. Two hours– and plenty of fun. Note: Brooks Memorial serves Brattleboro, which is big enough so pre-registering families works for them. A smaller library could probably skip this step.

2 responses to “Easy Dad Program

  1. Can you post a few pictures? One of the track would be especially helpful. How did they self-build a track in two hours? I assume the tubes and duct tape were for the cars. What was the track made from?

  2. Oh, the poster explains it! never mind!

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