Tech Gadgets and Classics

The Rochester Public Library has an inventive use for the Kindle: the librarian loads it up with classics (free from Project Gutenberg and other sources). Handy substitute for an interlibrary loan and saves shelf space for books which may not circulate as much. Libraries will still need to purchase new translations or remarkable editions, depending on demand.

Several librarians have passed along the news that eReaders sit on the shelf once people have tested them and made a decision about whether to purchase. The classics solution gets a little more mileage and perhaps encourages readers to try a device. Great for lesser known Conrad, Bronte, Austen and L. Frank Baum. (Yes, many of the Oz books are at Project Gutenberg.)

Do add cataloging to the library database for every title on the eReader.

3 responses to “Tech Gadgets and Classics

  1. Hello, this sounds like a great idea. I work at a public library in the Dallas area. We help people download our eBooks through OverDrive but do not offer any devices to them. They bring in their own. Are patrons allowed to check out the Kindles and take them home?

    • Rochester Public Library circulates Kindles after unregistering them so new content can’t be loaded. Check out for more on ereaders and mobile devices. Good information on policies and procedures.

    • Yes. In fact, if we don’t already have the classic they are looking for I can download it right then and send them home with the e-book. At this time we are only doing this with classics.

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