Library Tries Amazon Bookstore

Image: '63rd Annual Booksale'


The Rochester Public Library has opened a virtual bookstore at Amazon.  Because most donated books that are not added to the collection are sold in the library’s book sale for 25 cents to $2 each the library lacked a way to sell rare or collectible books for their market value.  To solve this problem a library volunteer launched an online marketplace on Amazon for the library to list more valuable books.  With this store the library can reach a larger number of buyers and create more revenue for the library budget.

Director Jeannette Bair announced the bookstore with a letter to the Friends of the Library, pointing out that all gifts are first reviewed for usefulness to the collection. Many books and movies are for sale throughout the year in the library vestibule, a fundraiser that nets about $1,500 annually.


One response to “Library Tries Amazon Bookstore

  1. I would love to hear an update on how the Amazon selling is working for the Library. We have a similar quandary with some books that are too rare or valuable to put out at our annual sale.

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