Food brings people together

McCullough Free Library in North Bennington partnered with Bennington College to create “The Jubilee Library Series.” The series kicked off with an afternoon meeting that included recipe exchanges, stories, and professionals demonstrating food preparation. Needless to add, people came, brought their favorite foods to share, and ate well.

Some of the questions setting the theme included: Deconstruct your absolute favorite breakfast
Have you ever cooked on a date?
Describe the best birthday cake you’ve ever eaten

Chris Danzo, chef and owner of Marigold Kitchen, showed how to make pizza dough and Carol Adonolfi created multi-grain pancakes.

Two Bennington College students, Rachel Sherk and Faith Griffiths, worked with the Library to create the series, which totaled four events on Saturday afternoons.
The four themes for the events were Food, Reading, Listening, and Making. Sherk and Griffiths planned to document the events and compile responses into a bound book to be given to the McCullough Free Library at the end of the series.


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