Advice for Loaning E-Book Readers

hand holding kindleE-Book Readers are increasing in popularity at libraries.  Here is some advice and policies from libraries in Vermont and New Hampshire. Warning: this information may be outdated as soon as it is published.

“1. Remember you CANNOT download ebooks to a Kindle.
2. I have bought a Nook to show people and they may try it out in the library, but unless you have a large budget, I don’t think lending this piece of equipment is wise.  You really can’t limit who you lend it to.  Remember: If you can’t afford to give it, you can’t afford to lend it.” -Gail from Dorset Public Library

The Howe Library in Hanover, NH has been loaning e-readers for a couple of years, and here is their feedback:
“We don’t have a written policy per se, but patrons who check out our Kindles must be at least 18 years old.  Kindles circulate for two weeks and do not renew.  They come pre-loaded with a variety of books (you can see the list here), and patrons are not allowed to download additional content.  While checking out a Kindle, we have the patron sign a form that indicates acceptance of the conditions and states that they will not leave the Kindle unattended in a public place and will be responsible for the entire replacement cost of the Kindle ($360) plus a packaging fee ($40) and a processing fee ($15) should the device be damaged or lost.”

The St. Johnsbury Athenaeum also requires patrons to sign a form before they are allowed to check out a Kindle:

The Barnet Public Library also has a form which outlines the responsibilities of both the patron and librarian and must be signed by both:


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