Ilsley offers new devices


New devices to try…
Try a Kindle, iPad, Nook, an MP3player, and an iPod Nano. Ask at the adult loan desk for availability.

David Clark of the Ilsley Public Library in Middlebury writes: Everything points to the greater acceptance of ebooks, in spite of the adamant protests of some of our longtime readers.

How we’ll manage is yet to be determined.

What we are doing is giving our residents a chance to try some of the new mobile devices. We lend a Kindle, MP3 player and two Nanos for 3 weeks, and a Nook for 1 week. An iPad is available in the library.

We have purchased e-books and downloaded free titles for the Kindle, Nook, and iPad. The first 10 borrowers of the Kindle got to select a title for us to purchase. You can imagine what a variety of titles we have!

Who knows where this will all lead. We’re looking into an iPhone app for our catalog as other libraries around the country have added to their “avenues of connectedness.”


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