School Bus Programming

School bus

School bus

We’ve had a super time offering school bus excursions.

This summer we rented a bus from Mountain Transit and took 37 people to Hope Cemetery in Barre for a tour by Guiliano Cecchinelli, granite sculptor, Celebrating the Visual Arts for the Adult Summer Reading program. We charged people $5.00 apiece and the Friends paid the balance. I paid Giuliano a $100 honorarium. He doesn’t charge per se.

Palace 9 has been showing the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts, so we hired the school bus for a journey from Essex to Shelburne Road for Madama Butterfly.My best friend and opera buddy Toni Hill met the bus, hopped aboard with a bottle of chianti, did a toast in Italian, then told the bus riders the background of the opera. Some had never been to an opera at all. She also prepared a little flyer for them to take into the cinema. I bought tickets ahead (the shows sell out early). A library school student and Essex native Lara made truffles for our riders. We charged the patrons $27.50 which covered the ticket and paid for Toni and Lara and Penny to go to the opera. We’re doing Tosca and Aida in October and November. I gave Toni an honorarium for her preparation and will again. The bus returned everyone to the Brownell Library parking lot ca. 10:30 pm.

For our Music Celebration of the Arts this summer, we had Toni come and do a History of Opera with musical examples. There are opera buffs everywhere.

Penny Pillsbury and crew, Brownell Library

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