Norman Williams ILL website

Nik Willever of the Norman Williams Public Library in Woodstock uses a website to train substitutes in ILL procedures. When her training materials got too big, she put together a website on a free hosting server. That way subs could access the information from home or library computers when they wanted to refresh their memories.

Visit the Norman Williams ILL workshop website to see the training materials.

What does an ILL training website offer? This one has:

  • principles and best practices from the ILL Handbook of the Vermont Department of Libraries
  • a link to the ILL code of the United States
  • a link to the Vermont ILL code
  • links to VALS e-mail and the VALS database for searching
  • a list of online bookstores for extra verification tools
  • shortcut text*
  • websites to provide e-books

*shortcut text refers to the e-mail messages used repeatedly in ILL. Requesting a book, sending a book out, notifying a library the book has been reserved for them, etc. Handy for an ILL staffer to have in a back pocket.

Nik provided her e-mail and contact information for Vermont librarians who have questions about the website contents, or (802) 457-2295 ext.  125


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